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Founded 1996
ƒrequency is a computing development small business based in Silicon Valley.  We develop cutting edge and classic computing for all computers & phones and even for people without a computer.

frequency was established in 1996 and we've been developing and publishing our own software programs since 2005.  Our team has been programming since the '80s.  We are freely advancing civilization and life itself through hi-tech shareware and freeware.

We produce computing technologies that work for you, effectively, efficiently and everywhere.  Our advanced design, optimized programs are written for all computers, tablets and phones.  Based in Sunnyvale, California, USA, we are at the heart of the global digital center that is Silicon Valley.  Strongly focused on research we keep ourselves on the cutting edge of hi-tech.  Our frequency brand products are designed for the business sector and our 3QNC brand products are for home users.  3 Things is our brand of quality tangible goods for the home, office and more.

All of our software apps come with a one month free shareware (or data) trial, no card details required.  frequency computing saves a heap of time and money over doing things manually.  We pride ourselves on being an ethical business.  We practise fair trade; lowering our prices to users with lower incomes and donate all our software and 3% of our profits to charity.

You can get our software releases both from our websites and from app stores and download sites like CNet, Tucows and amazon.  We've been awarded six Editor's Reviews and we're a member of the ASP and the IEEEfrequency – Computing You've Always Wanted – Established 1996



Our software comes in editions for these three platforms.  This includes servers, desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets, high-end and low-end cell phones and web browsers.  Running on Microsoft Windows PC, Apple Macintosh (Mac), SCO UNIX, Linux, Oracle Solaris, Palm, Symbian, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Windows Mobile, Samsung, Pansonic and more.  frequency – Cutting Edge Plus Classic Computing

The program types we develop are Artificial Intelligence & Artificially Intelligent Virtual Reality Cyberspacial Environments, Cooperative, Educational, Non-Competitive Games, Bio- & Media Analyzers, Robotics, Computing Pro, Internet and General Programs.   Catering for both markets; business and home.  frequency – Life Cycles

Our name, frequency, is the physical science measure of regularity; the cyclic nature of life. frequency is Intelligence.  One signal is an occurrence, two a repeat while three regular signals shows intelligence.  Used as the base principle in the testing for extra-terrestrial intelligence by the SETI Institute and the University of California, Berkeley's BOINC SETI@Home grid computing project.  In everyday experience: starts, ends and middle times.  frequency – Freely Advancing Life

Building since 2006 our stockpile of software programs and data is due for release in 2015.  Look out for Email Watcher instant email alarm, the re-release of Epiphany Notes sticky notes app, our Classic Bookstore selling hundreds of classic books and ebooks, and more coming soon to a screen near you...

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1250 Oakmead Parkway,
Suite 210,
California 94085-4037,
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+1 (408) 400-3664
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 • Domain Names – From $12 dot com with Free DNS and Forwarding – Be Evocative, Be Remembered with your Domain Name
 • Premium Domains – From our Portfolio of Select Premium Domain Names – Instant Top Branding

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 • Philanthropy – Charities That We Support – With 3% Profits Donated to Charity

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 • The Jewelry StoreFor Your Jewelry Desires
 • 3QNC Cafe Press Store – Beautiful babes on keychains, mousepads, mugs and more...

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Data: Names List C M W
Data: International Telecommunications Codes
Email Watcher
Press Releaser
Smooth File Transferrer
Whitepaper: US-ASCII 7bit Code
Recognition: Video: Black & White
Analysis: Data Type
Recognition: Video: OCR
Share Monitor
Log Watcher
Web: Best Sellers
Search Engine Control Panel
Hex to ASCII Converter
Web: Messenger Online
Website Content Management System
Uptime Clock
Furry File Transferrer
Epiphany Notes
Math Suite
Mounting Interest Calc
Mnem Gen Phone Words
C omputer M obile W eb
Services Business Home Sexual
Evoke Me Domain Names
ƒreqEmail Freemail
Email Mailboxes
Website SSL and Code Signing Certificates